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Water Metering & AMR Systems

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Managing water effectively towards a sustainable future

Climate change, unrestrained waste, mismanagement, destructive industrialization and violent population explosion make water the most valuable resource of the world.

Since 1993, our brand stands for our commitment to manufacture and supply reliable water meters and associated AMR solutions for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural water market applications that enables the intelligent use and the conservation of water resources and creates value for customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and civil society.


DANUBE FORUM: 10-12/06/2013
A broad area of events focused on water management organized by the Romanian [...]

WASSER BERLIN: 23-26/04/2013
We would be honored to receive your visit at WASSER BERLIN 2013. [...]

CST GUINEEA: 05-09/11/2012
Le Conseil Scientifique et Technique (CST) de l`Association Africaine de l`Eau [...]

ECWATECH: 05-08/06/2012
Contor Group attended Ecwatech Moskow - one of the most important [...]

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